Geotourism: tourism and travels in geological places.
Our planet offers unique natural scenary: beautiful shapes, colors and wonderful phenomena
Deserts, mountains, canyons, waterfalls, volcanoes erupting create places of great attraction that invite to the adventure
The nature and history of these phenomena is a topic that can become the inspiration to make a journey.

Acores Islands
Azores, Portugal
bryce canyon
Bryce Canyon , USA


We think that the trip seen as "discovery the earth" is the best way to appreciate the beauty of nature and to understand the geological history of what surrounds us.
From here was born the idea (not new) of geotourism meaning the observation of natural beauties directly on the spot.
Lofoten Norway

Lofoten Norway
Central Turkey

Geoturismo is a non-profit Association that wants to let people know and understand the beauty of our planet through travel and contact with the nature.
The Association Geoturismo is made by a group of geologists and naturalists who, through their scientific and travel experiences, may guide you in places where the geology and natural phenomena occur with evidence. These places, besides being interesting from a scientific point of view, are often considered the most beautiful places on the planet.

monument valley
Momunent Valley, USA
Sahara, Morocco