Supported with some main tour-operator we propose group travels to many geological destination:

Acores Islands
Azores, Portugal

Azores, Portugal: 9 days
A trip to the Azores will get in touch with beautiful volcanic phenomena such as fumaroles, boiling water, sulphurous. Through easy trekking you will discover a beautifully preserved natural landscapes made of craters, volcanic lakes, cliffs and grass-covered calderas.

vulcano eolie
Vulcano, Italy

Volcanoes Partenopei, travel between the volcanoes of the myth, Italy: 8 days
In the turbulent and colorful setting of Naples (ancient Partenope) a trip dedicated to volcanoes more or less known in the region, which have carved the history, geographical structure, urban development and the economy in the past as in the present.
Inhabited since the tenth century BC, Naples appears in the chronicles of all time as a place of myth, praised the beauty of the bay, the mild climate and the violence of the natural scenery.


Lanzarote, Spain: 8 days
A trip on a beautiful volcanic island where nature and 'still preserved and the geology is manifested by evidence.
The mild climate offers the opportunity 'to develop pleasant trekking tied to nature and geology in winter. Accompanied by a geologist will walk along the edges of craters and near the beaches always facing the ocean.


We also:
- organize and guide geological travels and geotouristic trips for groups, main destinations are Italy, Azores, Iceland, Morocco ** Our guides are professional geologists
- organize and guide geological university field camps (and summer field camps) for students group, main destinations
are Italy (Sardinia, Liguria, Sicily, Toscany), France, Azores, Iceland, Morocco **. Our guides are professional geologists and researchers. The trip will be studied to meet the course requirements.
- support tour operator to prepare scientific documentation and to organize thematic trips to geological locations
- Write geological travel-oriented books, guides and articles
- Prepare courses and conferences about geotourism for operator in tourism